Thursday, February 14, 2008

Wall Street & Politicians claiming money supply isn't growing are lying

Wall Street Analysts and Washington Politicians claiming the money supply isn't growing are lying!

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It isn't true. The printing presses are rolling full around the world.

  • The People's Bank of China is rumored to want money supply growth of 15% per year, down from the current 18%
  • India's broad M3 money supply is rising 22.4% per year
  • Singapore's money supply increased by 14% in 2007
  • Britain's broad M4 measure of money has expanded by 12.3% since Jan. '
  • Western Europe is "enjoying" monetary inflation of 11.5% per year, three times the central bank's target
  • Last year saw 16% money supply growth in Australia, 13% in Canada and 22% in Saudi Arabia
  • The U.S. money supply — if the Fed still reported M3 — is now guesstimated to be showing 15% annual expansion.

Look friends, when you measure the growth of money versus the Tons of Gold and Platinum above ground its very easy to see 10, 20 even 50 times the paper money is chasing the same limited amount of precious metal, oil and vital industrial commodities.

Bottom line: There is an endless supply of paper money and securities yet to be printed. Stash the precious metals away and prey the paper tower never collapses. Sooner or later the paper pile is going to come crashing down. It may have been the fear of a bond market meltdown that forced the Federal Reserve to move so quickly recently. We know the FDIC was preparing for a major banking collapse recently. How close we came to a historic financial collapse I can't tell you. I suspect we'll find that out sometime in the next few years. We still may see it happen. There are catalysts still in play that could trigger a meltdown still un-dealt with and threatening the financial markets.

Don't get caught short, stash the Platinum and Gold ASAP!

Best Wishes,

James DiGeorgia

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