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Pelosi Must Be Removed For Her Illegal Position on Impeachment Investigation

Speaker Must Be Removed For Her Illegal Position on Impeachment Investigation

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Congressman Dennis Kucinich introduced 35 Articles of Impeachment against the President of the United States. Speaker Pelosi's position remains, "Impeachment is off the table." This is not leadership, but complicity with war crimes:

“Speaker Pelosi will continue to lead legislative efforts to find a new direction in Iraq but believes that impeachment would create a divisive battle, be a distraction from Congress’ efforts to chart a new course for America’s working families and would ultimately fail,” said her spokesman Nadeam Elshami.

The Speaker's excuses are frivolous. One does not agree to remain complicit with tyranny on the illusion fact finding might be divisive. Division is the intent of the Framers: To ensure power is not centralized, and divided. Pelosi supports centralizing unchecked power under tyranny, not just this President and Congress

An investigation to gather facts -- which she opposes -- is not the same as a decision to impeach. Pelosi cannot explain how she arrived at her conclusion: To not investigate, and without any review of evidence, trump the House.

has some comments from Jonathan Turley, raising the prospect he might
be Attorney General under President Obama. Until then, the roadblock to
an investigation remains the Speaker of the House. She must decide
whether she would like to remain Speaker. She has not chosen wisely..

Pelosi's inaction on impeachment is reckless assault on the foundations
of this Constitution and Republic. She remains a domestic enemy. She is a
threat to this Constitution. She has exhausted her useful service to
the United States. She must be lawfully removed as Speaker.

The Speaker's position must be declared vacant. Until the House acts to declare the Speaker's position vacant, the public should agree with the declaration that the House members individually and as a body remain in illegal rebellion against the Constitution:

The United States government and it's officers are in illegal rebellion against the Constitution. It is illegal for anyone to cooperate with this rebellion; or perform on any
contracts supporting this illegal rebellion.

Speaker Asserting Powers Not Delegated

The Constitution does not delegate any power to the Speaker to decide impeachment issues. That power was only delegated to the House of Representatives.

Speaker Pelosi is confused. She is (for now) Speaker, not the Constitutionally recognized chamber. The Speaker has no power to impeach; and no legal authority to compel the House not to investigate and not to debate articles of impeachment.

Any Member of the House who asserts "The Speaker Said" as an excuse not to investigate the President suggests, in our view, they are not fit to be trusted with power or access to the voting machines on the House floor.

Refusal To Investigate: Alleged Complicity With War Crimes

It is irrelevant what the Senate may or may not do. The House and Senate are not the same. The House has the responsibility to investigate facts, then review the evidence to decide whether or not there should be charges filed. That is something the House -- not the Speaker -- must decide after conducting an investigation and reviewing the facts.

Once the House decides or does not decide to charge the President with a crime, then the Hosue will have the responsibility to provide that evidence to the Senate.

Pelosi's Partisan Agenda Illegally Trumps Her Legal Obligations To Defend Constitution

Speaker Pelosi must explain why she is unwilling to confront the President's confrontation with the Constitution. It appears the DoD emails and McClellan's propaganda explain the Speaker's reluctance to fully assert her oath. Someone apepars to have convinced Pelosi that inaction on war crimes is in the interests of the Democratic Party.

No, inaction on war crimes is in the interests of tyranny.

Scott McClellan well outlines how the GOP put partisan objectives before the Constitution. His statements apply to the Speaker. She is putting, like the President and GOP, her perception of partisan advantage before her duties as a Constitutional officer: To clear the way for impeachment. The Speaker refuses.

The United States Government: The Domestic Enemy

The public must support the lawful removal of the Speaker. The GOP and DNC have a vested interest in preventing this. The GOP and DNC are in an illegal rebellion against the Constitution; they are the domestic enemies; and they are disloyal to the Constitution. They are the problem.

Our job must be to stand between the Speaker and the Constitution. The Speaker must be confronted. Otherwise, this tyranny will continue under the guise of freedom.

Freedom must be managed. This Congress, Speaker, President, House, and leadership have recklessly invoked the idea of freedom, but given the Iraqis and Americans a mess. We are not obliged to accept that mess. This mess is one for the Congress to confront. Had the Congress confronted the President earlier, the mess would be smaller. The mess is bigger because Congress is a mess.

Complicity With War Crimes

The Nuremberg documents outline how the Nazis seized control of the German state. The American public has witnessed the tyrannical seizure of power, and the Congressional complicity with that tyranny. We are not obliged to remain loyal to the Congress or either party, only to the Constitution.

Refusing to investigate is not a defensible position. If the House refuses to declare the Speaker's position vacant, the public must expand the discussion of a new system of oversight.

Discussing New Oversight for the United States

The new oversight must consider stripping the Speaker and Constitutional officers of powers they have abused, not asserted, or have recklessly delegated to the President. The Speaker and her loyalists have a difficult time explaining inaction on partisan grounds; yet they would have us believe they are about change. The idea of "Change" is their propaganda not their agenda.

Solutions To Confront Tyranny

The Magna Carta and Declaration of Independence are the outlines for this new oversight. The Great Charter and Declaration list grievances. Those grievances were solved. This Speaker refuses to consider the problem, must less provide leadership to solve this mess. Speaker Pelosi is part of the problem, not the solution.

Share with your friends:

A. A framework to discuss new oversight:

B. The petition calling on the House to declare the Speaker's position vacant.

Your Single Action Can Tip the Balance

Each one of you reading this -- individually -- can make the difference. It only takes one person to tip the balance. Never waiver in your confidence that this tyranny can be lawfully confronted, contained, and held to account. Share with your friends the wisdom that this tyranny will not last. We can confront it. And we will prevail. The Framers are on our side, not the Speaker's.

Be open to the possibility some in the GOP and DNC will need assistance. We must consider the possibility that Pelosi will only be removed, and an impeachment investigation started is if the GOP can be assured of a Speaker that may support the President. Until that possibility is discussed, both the DNC and GOP will not break ranks, and will continue to illegally support unlawful violations of the Geneva Conventions.

Our job must be to defend this Constitution from these enemies in the DNC and GOP. They incorrectly believe they can explain away their legal obligations. They have made a fateful error. We are not obliged to remain loyal to reckless leadership. Our only obligation is to the Constitution. This DNC and GOP leadership have but their partisan interests before the Constitution. We the People have no fear in putting the DNC and GOP second.

They wished this.

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