Sunday, November 2, 2008

Common Man News 11/2008

News for the common man because the elite already know!


Poverty and hunger on the rise in the US

US commits $800 billion more to bail out consumer credit and mortgage market

New U. S. Mortgage Crisis Looms

Iceland: Street protests against government and economic meltdown

Iceland: A portent of the future

Who is Paul Volcker? Obama appoints a longtime enemy of the working class

CEOs “cashed out” prior to economic crisis

The Gates appointment: Obama slaps antiwar voters in the face

FDA Hid Names of Melamine Contaminated Infant Formula Products from the Public

Food Prices Will Rise, Causing Export Bans, Riots

Government bailout hits $8. 5 trillion

Unchecked US attacks may reach Peshawar, officials warn

America Out of Work


Obama vows to slash federal budget

Obama appointees signal continuing aggression and war

Michigan’s Future - Beyond Bleak

Tutu, Obama and the Middle East

Recount Wrinkle Surfaces in Minnesota: Missing Ballots

Study: Many Kids in Katrina Trailer Park Anemic

Learning to Lead


Home prices in record plunge

Bush Labor Department misled Congress in effort to privatize jobs

The Truth behind the Citigroup Bank "Nationalization"

Down On The Farm, A Frenzy Over Free Food

Left Out of the Bailout: The Poor

Fed Commits $800 Billion More to Unfreeze Lending

Economic tumble worse than expected in 3rd quarter

Disposable Youth in a Suspect Society

Fed Bails Out Rich Arabs in Citigroup Deal

Citizens’ Economic Stimulus Plan; Stop Paying Credit Card Debt

Obama holds press conference, promises “whatever is required” for Wall Street

Obama may delay tax-cut rollback for wealthy

U. S. October Home Resales Fall; Price Drop Is Record

All US Financials Will be Nationalized in a Year: Manager

US bails out Citigroup and prepares to give trillions more to banks

Citibank Flips The Bird To American Taxpayers

You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet

U. S. Pledges Top $7. 7 Trillion to Ease Frozen Credit

7. 4 Trillion Dollars And Counting; The Cost Of "Rescuing" The US Financial System

Deprivation and Desperation in Gaza

The Slow Death of Gaza

Congress threatens UAW

Living the Good Life on $5,000 a Year

AP IMPACT: Govt pays for risky unapproved drugs

Job Centers See Crush of People in Need

Starving for Change

Globalization vs. Democracy Are U. S. victims ready to strike back?

The Battle of St. Paul

How Wall Street Killed the Economy

The G-20 vs. The G-6 Billion

Guantanamo Justice After Seven Years


To Hell And Back Again

Obama’s jobs plan: A band-aid for an economic catastrophe

The Price of Our Good Name

Pakistanis Fear U. S. Collision with Neighboring Enemies

Cheney, Gonzales indictment turns chaotic

I’m an American Worker Tired of Getting Screwed

The GOP attack on democracy continues in Ohio

Rich countries launch great land grab to safeguard food supply

Housing is bad enough, but wait — it’ll get worse

Dark days see warnings of worse to come

What MUST Be Done To Avoid Financial Destruction

Infallible Insurance On Sale

Time for a Bank Holiday

The death of the dollar?451469632

Why Washington Cannot Prevent Depression

The Third Clinton Administration By RALPH NADER

GM to Invest $1 Billion in Brazil with Money from U. S. Rescue Program

US auto union offering major contract concessions

Government plans massive Citigroup rescue effort

The Reckoning: Citigroup Pays for a Rush to Risk



Jobless claims jump unexpectedly to 16-year high

Bankers Shakedown G20

Grassroots Group Fights NAFTA Superhighway

Foreclosure Freeze Movement Takes on Wall Street

Flunking the Electoral College

Where That "Recycled" E-Waste Really Goes

Global markets plunge on fears of deflation and depression

This Is Not A Normal Recession; Moving on to Plan B

Midnight Hour

Birmingham, Ala. on Verge of Bankruptcy

US right stymie sensitive medical research

Gaza: On Top of Humanitarian Disaster, A News Blackout

Judge Orders Five Detainees Freed From Guantanamo

A Consumer’s Paradise of Wa

Bush set to relax rules protecting species

Lawmaker accuses Bush of secrecy over Iraq deal

Against the Militarized Academy

DA in Cheney case to be taken into protective custody

Cheney, Gonzales indictments move forward


Child hunger in US rose by 50 percent in 2007

Presiding judge has declined to sign Cheney, Gonzales indictment

Is Obama Screwing the Netroots?

Are Pentagon Nerds Developing Packs of Man-Hunting Killer Robots?

This is Change? 20 Hawks, Clintonites and Neocons to Watch for in Obama’s White House

The Morning After, Voting Problems Remain

The Wrong Place to Be Chronically Ill

Employee Free Choice Act Would Restore Worker Protections

EPA Moves to Ease Air Rules for Parks

Builders Index Hits New Low, Housing Starts Plunge Again

Did U. S. push detention of American without charges?

Blackwater gunboats will protect ships


Wall Street and Washington conspired to defraud Japanese banks

Robert Gates: As Bad as Rumsfeld?

Taxpayers will pay for Gonzales’ private attorney

Mounting signs of protracted world recession

Bracing for a Major Disappointment

Early Test for Obama on Domestic Spying Views

Administration Moves to Protect Key Appointees

Are Vaccinations Causing Early Alzheimer’s?

Election protection in Ohio (and America) isn’t over

Lawmakers, Treasury lock horns on foreclosures

America’s Moronic Iraqi Policy

Gulf War illness is real, report finds

Suspected U. S. Missiles Strike Deep Inside Pakistan

Treasury Denounced Over Bailout

Texas grand jury indicts Cheney, Gonzales


The G-20 Washout

The G-20 Economic Summit Won’t Change the "Financial Crime Scene"

Obama’s “seamless transition” to endless war

Obama Team Signals No War Crimes Prosecution

Our Home-Grown Melamine Problem

U. S. Sen. Jim Inhofe: Cancel the ’blank check

Foreclosures up 25 percent: RealtyTrac

Florida pension fund plummets

States want their own federal financial bailout

Olmert orders plans drawn up for massive offensive against Gaza

The Real Goal of Israel’s Blockade

Chronic Malnutrition in Gaza Blamed on Israel


Nothing To Lose But Your Chains, Some Things Are Bigger Than Any Of Us

All the King’s Men

GM Must Re-Make the Mass Transit System it Murdered

Lehman Administrators’ Task Will Dwarf Enron, Creditors Told

Rather’s Lawsuit Shows Role of G. O. P. in Inquiry

Famine in Haiti made in the U. S.

The black “insiders” and the Obama administration

Never Forget

America the Illiterate

Torturing Demoracy Full Video And Transcript

The no-think nation: The Crisis Has Hardly Begun

Paulson Plays While We Pay

Why Big Banks May Be Trying to Buy up Your Public Water System

The Great Depression of the 21st Century: Collapse of the Real Economy

Citigroup to shed another 53,000 jobs


Ditch the smooth transition. The people voted for change

Iraq war veterans charged with ‘DisCon’

GM-Chrysler merger off, but more layoffs on the way

Dirty Money The fight to control one of the biggest polluters in U. S. history

Social workers at Detroit “poverty summit” describe impact of layoffs, foreclosures

US retail sales plunge as layoffs mount

Bush cheers “free enterprise” as US capitalism goes bust

G-20 summit: More like London 1933 than Bretton Woods 1944

Rare Treatment Is Reported to Cure AIDS Patient

Hard labor at a tender age


Study Confirms Genetically Engineered Crops Threaten Human Fertility

Wall Street’s Bailout is a Trillion-Dollar Crime Scene

The Danger of Keeping Robert Gates

While Paulson Waffles, the White House Dawdles, and Congress Dithers, the Economy Continues to Burn

World Bank forecasts falling trade, global recession and rising poverty

Chicago mayor warns of “huge layoffs” in a “frightening” economy

Growing tensions in lead-up to G20 summit in Washington

Soros says deep recession inevitable, depression possible

85,000 homes lost in October

Who Got Bailout Money So Far?

Crisis Is Beyond The Reach of Traditional Solutions

Whitehead sees slump worse than Depression

Construction of Israel missile defense base run by U. S. troops completed

Bush Administration Withholding Evidence About War Crimes

Trouble Brewing In West Bank Settlements

Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans join the homeless

Jobless claims jump unexpectedly to 7-year high

The Worst Is Not Behind Us

A. N. S. W. E. R. Lawsuit Frees Inauguration Route to the Public

Fed Covers Up Financial Crisis


Illegal tax scheme gives $140 billion to biggest US banks

Paulson announces shift in Wall Street bailout scheme

Auto workers to pay for Big Three bailout

Foreclosure rates up 25 percent year-over-year

Desperate Big Pharma Pushing to Double Statin Sales

Congressman calling for hearings on AIG Phoenix conference

Hard Times, But Big Wall Street Bonuses

GLOBAL MARKETS-US stocks plunge on Paulson comments, oil falls

KBR wins Army Corps emergency power disaster relief contract

Prescription Drugs Kill 300 Percent More Americans than Illegal Drugs

Labor’s high hopes

A closer look at Obama’s energy plan

Pending Home Sales Fall Sharply Outside of the West


Declining social conditions of students and youth in the US

Veterans’ Families Seek Aid for Caregiver Role

The Midnight De-Regulation Express

New federal mortgage plan offers relief to only a few

Lobbyists Swarm the Treasury for Piece of Bailout Pie

In Final Days, Bush Pushes for Iraq’s Oil

Some Blame Must Follow the Financial Collapse

What "Change" In America Really Means

Global Starvation Ignored by American Policy Elites

Citigroup freezes US home repossessions

Radioactive Beer Kegs Menace Public

Remembering The Victims of Those Who Profit From War

Global Economic Tremors

American Express Wins Fed Approval to Become Bank


Revised AIG Terms Begin Treasury Transfusions to ’Zombie’ Firms

Washington secretly authorized military raids on 20 countries since 2004

Layoffs mount, economic crisis deepens in the US

Globalization and the Rise of Monopolization Speeds Economic Failure

Space-Based Domestic Spying: Kicking Civil Liberties to the Curb


The Targeting Of Private Retirement Accounts

Fed Defies Transparency Aim in Refusal to Disclose

Bush Secretly Gave Banks $140 Billion Tax Windfall

Military command casts broad net with homeland security operations

Secret Order Allows US Raids Many Countries

Circuit City files for bankruptcy protection

DHL to cut 9,500 jobs

Tough Times Strain Colleges Rich and Poor

Conned Again


The Severity of Today’s Crisis: The Wages of Sin

Wall Street’s ’Disaster Capitalism for Dummies’: 14 reasons Main Street loses big while Wall Street sabotages democracy

3 ’superbanks’ now dominate industry

Democratic leaders discuss confiscating 401(k)s, IRAs

Another US massacre in Afghanistan

US jobless rate hits 14-year high

Obama reassures big business on economic policy

U. S. steps up raids inside Pakistan

The menace behind the U. S. attack on Syria

Obama and ACORN Officials Set Sights on Gunowners

ACLU wants probe into police-staged DNC protest


Philadelphia to close libraries, cut job

Pending Sales of Existing Homes in U. S. Fell 4. 6%

Consumer bankruptcies in October top 100,000

Jobs lost in 2008: 1. 2 million

The Escalation of the New Arms Race!

Europe plunges into recession

US, world stock markets plummet on global recession forecasts

Two-Month Decline in Jobs Reaches 524,000

Bush officials moving fast to cut environmental protections

Wall Street Fat Cats Are Trying to Pocket Billions in Bailout Cash

Jobless claims higher than expected

Retailers had the weakest October in at least 39 years

U. S. to Sell $55 Billion in Long-Term Debt Next Week

30 US states in recession, 19 at risk: Moody’s

IMF now sees global recession in 2009


Utility cut-offs on the rise in the US

Obama advisers discuss preparations for war on Iran

Class divisions begin to emerge in Obama coalition

An Obama Presidency: More Of The Same Only Worse

Solar Power Game-Changer: “Near Perfect” Absorption of Sunlight, From All Angles


Silence on War Crimes

The End of International Law?

Manufacturing activity at 26-year low

The Fed as a central bank to the world

No Currency Left to Buy the Big Lies

How Israel helps eavesdrop on US citizens

Bush’s Last 100 Days the Ones to Watch

Borders Are For Sissies

Closing Guantanamo

Six Held at Guantanamo After Plot Claim Is Dropped

Collapse of US auto sales points to deep recession

It’s No Joke: Fed Hires Failed Bank Executive

Israel launched an airstrike on Gaza


More from the Front Lines of the Financial Crisis

Florida Democrats Sue GOP Over Voter "Caging"

NYC foreclosures hit Queens hardest

‘Bailout’ billions used to swallow Cleveland’s largest bank

The End of a Subprime Administration

Judge tells White House to release wiretapping docs

Elite combat brigade for homeland security missions raises ire of ACLU

The Battle Over CA Prop 5: Special Interests Overwhelming the Public Interest

The Case of Patients v. Big Pharma

The Bush-Obama-McCain Administration

What About Syria’s and Pakistan’s Sovereignty?


Another Thumb on the Scales

Bush administration denies funding for FBI probe of mortgage mess

Paulson’s Swindle Revealed

The American Firm

One in five homeowners with mortgages under wate

Who Watches While the US Invades - Again

Pointing the US Surveillance Apparatus at the American People

Fed Adds $21 Billion to Loans for A. I. G.

Judge rules challenged absentee ballots won’t be counted

Princeton report rips N. J. e-voting machines as easily hackable

Reversal of Fortune

Justice Department Balks on Ohio Vote

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