Thursday, May 1, 2008

Common Man News 5/2008

News for the common man because the elite already know!


As America Collapses US Government Secret Plans Revealed

Pain and Conscience (A Must Read)

Thousands of Iraqis protest agreement for indefinite US occupation

US academic Norman Finkelstein denied entry to Israel

Government is Spying on US Muslims

The Great Oil Swindle

Why Does the Media Cover Up War Crimes?

Can Truth Retain Its Independence?

ICE, ICE, Baby

Gingrich quips Bush should have allowed some ’reminder’ attacks

Number of uninsured U. S. young adults grows

Anti-abortion measure OK’d for Colo. ballot

Is water becoming ‘the new oil’?

Attorneys: Terrorism trials rushed to influence election

George Bush, at Sea in the Desert

Bush Definition of ’Transparency’

McClellan and His Media Collaborators

U. S. Banks Likely to Fail as Bad Loans Soar


Police State America: Yassin Aref’s Struggle for Justice

U. S. Army suicides highest in 2007

Former prosecutors challenge White House immunity claim

Internet Attacked as Tool of Terror

Dow Chemical announces massive price increase

The Iraq war’s “complicit enablers,” then and now

Apocalypse in the Oceans

Lifelong illnesses feared for children in Katrina trailers

In Stock Plan, Employees See Stacked Deck

McCain (Mis)Speaks

McClellan blames Bush, not aides, for disillusionment

Boycott: Don’t Shop at Dunkin’ Donuts!

Lecturers agree to consider boycott of Israeli academics

North Korean nuclear documents challenge CIA assertions

Wexler wants McClellan testimony on pre-war White House propaganda

Did US Army Cause Iraq Birth Defects?

USA Military Officers Challenge Official Account of September 11

Colonel Says Speaking Out Cost a Medal

War spending furthers al-Qaida goal of undermining U. S. economy

British PM warns of global oil ’shock’ as fuel price protests spread

Globalization and Terror: Fomenting Inflation to Pay for War

Incomes and spending both slow in April

US and European debt markets flash new warning signals

U. S. Bank Failures Loom

Former high-ranking Bush officials enjoy war profits

FCC proposes free Internet... as long as it’s censored


McClellan Suggests Plame Cover-up

Military contractor Blackwater files suit to push through new California facility

Sharp increase in mental illness among US troops during 2007

McClellan: White House fed war propaganda to a “complicit” media

Bush administration uses IAEA report to make new demands and threats to Iran

"I Was Shot by Soldiers Bought and Paid for by Chevron"

Victory for Tomato Pickers’ Fight Against Burger King


More racist e-mails in Secret Service lawsuit

Battles Over Voter Rights Brewing in Texas

Mukasey Defends Torture Architects

Homeland Security’s Emerging Immigration Police State

Supreme Court Unanimously OKs Racial Profiling

Judiciary Committee Willing To Arrest Rove If He Doesn’t Testify

John Bolton escapes citizen’s arrest at Hay Festival

Gas prices keep climbing even as oil prices drop

Rising Prices Hit Home For Food Stamp Recipients

FBI Recruiting Infiltrators for GOP Convention Protestors

DHS Cracks Down On IRS Workers Protest

Academics Target Pentagon’s Social Science Project

Rise Of The NGOs: Global Governance By Proxy


Surprise, Surprise: Bush Lied

Buffett Sees Deep U. S. Recession

Government Green Lights Gulf Dollar Abandonment

Telecom Companies in Cahoots with Illegal Bush Administration Surveillance Programs

Provocations as Pretexts for Imperial War: From Pearl Harbor to 9/11

Housing Prices Fall 14. 1% in Sign of Continuing Slump

Post-traumatic stress soars in U. S. troops

GOP Contender Linked to Attorney Firing

What’s Wrong with Oklahoma?

Bush wants $600 million for Iraq police, but cuts aid to U. S. cops

The Elitism Thing

Groups sue government over new smog rules

Fuel suppliers demand airlines pay cash in advance

Voter Repression

Stopping the War Machine: Military Recruiters Must Be Confronted

Where Is the Outrage?

What are the real interests behind the creation of the Union of South American Nations?

Justices Favor Workers in Cases of Bias Retaliation

NY judge: Dell engaged in fraud, false advertising

McClellan whacks Bush, White House

American Psychological Association Supports Bush Regime "Interrogations"

Plan Mexico: Plan Colombia Heads for Mexico

Super NAFTA - America is in un-chartered waters

Housing Bailout Bill Creates National Fingerprint Registry

Terminally ill patients want access to experimental drugs

For union, pragmatism vs. principle


Entrenched, Embedded, and Here to Stay

Iraq: The "Subprime" War

Foreclosures in Military Towns Surge at Four Times U. S. Rate

Consumer Confidence Falls as Home Values Decline

US Academic Deported and Banned for Criticizing Israel

House Votes to Ban Pentagon Propaganda: Networks Still Silent

Iraq War May Have Increased Energy Costs Worldwide by a Staggering $6 Trillion

Food Banks Face High Costs but Feeding More People

States Chafing at U. S. Focus on Terrorism

Washington ratchets up pressure on Pakistan’s new government

US military attempts to reignite fighting with Mahdi Army

Aftermath of US slaughterhouse raid: Fear and repression grip Iowa town

Evidence of corruption during Cheney’s tenure

Israel and Syria announce negotiations amid ongoing US-Israeli threats to Iran

George Soros: rocketing oil price is a bubble

Carter Urges ’Supine’ Europe To Break With US Over Gaza Blockade

Oil: A Global Crisis

Jimmy Carter says Israel had 150 nuclear weapons

Cuban sting shows US diplomat handing over cash to dissidents

Iraq War Vets Return With Lung Disease

Texas towns sue Homeland Security over border wall plans

US Secretary of State Rice defends torture at Google event

US residents in military brigs? Govt says it’s war

Iran mosque blast plotters admit Israeli, US links: report

$130 Oil: Is That a Tipping Point?

Senate Republicans rebuke Bush on Iraq veterans


Working class weary of war

House aims at Pentagon ’propaganda’ on Iraq war

War Abroad and Poverty at Home

Advice From White House Is Not Always Followed By Allies

Despite FBI Dissent, Torture Continued


U. S. Home Resales Drop, Inventories Rise to Record as Housing Woes Persist

Fingerprint Registry In Housing Bill

Berlusconi government incites racist pogroms

Detroit American Axle workers speak out against UAW betrayal

As Senate approves new war funding, US massacres Iraqi civilians

FBI files indict Bush, Cheney and Co. as war criminals

How Do We Fight Corporate Control of the Internet?

Liberals work to change McCain’s image

How Water Went on Sale and Why We Bought It

Presidential Race Ignores Arms Race

Citizen Journalism: In With the New

The Demise of Our Unique American Identity

Obama’s Secret War Profiteering Tax

Former Bush aide Rove again subpoenaed in probe

New fears on long-term oil supplies drive prices higher


Oil execs defend huge profits before Senate

Billions of Dollars Unaccounted For in Iraq, Pentagon IG Reports

Any Change From Bush’s Fundamentalism Will Do

Dave Lindorff: Bush Is a War Criminal

Bush’s ’War Crimes’ & Misdemeanors

Where Are Those Iranian Weapons in Iraq?

Slavery Today: A Clear and Present Danger

JPMorgan Swap Deals Spur Probe as Default Stalks Alabama County

NBC Guest: $12 to $15 Gas “Inevitable.”

How traders gamble with your energy dollars

Blame Wall Street for Oil at $135 a Barrel as Traders Cover Wrong-Way Bets

Wall Street’s Racket Has Gone Too Far, and We’re Going to Pay the Heavy Price

Immigration Police State Sucks Up Children, Citizens

How the Lunatic Fringe Hijacked America

Voting Rights advocates say America is unprepared for massive turnout Nov. 4

Senate panel votes to overturn EPA on Calif. waiver

Citigroup’s ’Last Roman’ CDO Spotlights Banks’ Enron Accounting

House to Vote First on Override of Farm Bill Veto

Medicare’s Much-Too-Hard Sell

Canadian, U. S., Mexican Officials: Protect Middle Class from NAFTA

Feds Censor Sept. 11 Health Disaster

Oil hits $135 a barrel on new supply concerns


The Last Roundup

2016 Oil Futures Up 14% To $140 on Supply Concerns

White House denies imminent plans to attack Iran

Senate committee passes pro-business housing bill amidst foreclosure crisis

Israeli press reports US pledge of war on Iran—is Bush preparing an October Surprise?

How the Government Is Passing Secret Laws

More Americans Fear Losing Their Health Insurance Than Being in a Terrorist Attack

Homeland Security’s Emerging Immigration Police State

Bill C51 - How to Slip In CODEX

C-51 Red Alert! Health Canada Holding Stealth Mtg Today 4PM

Young Workers, Positive About Unions, Face Economic Squeeze

Let’s Be Serious

Bush’s Endless Hypocrisy on Terror

Consciousness of Guilt: Genocide in Iraq?

Oil Rises Above $133 to Record as Stockpiles Drop

Veterans Attest to PTSD Neglect by VA

FBI "War Crimes" Investigation at Guantanamo Shut Down in 2003

Israel PM calls for naval blockade of Iran

Former CIA official indicted a new in bribery case

Wider Antiterror Role for Elite Forces Rejected


Attack Iran, Trash the Constitution

Report: EPA Head Reversed Stand on Greenhouse Gas

I Declared My Independence By Cynthia McKinney

US Navy Aircraft Violates Venezuela’s Airspace

Credit Crisis Will Extend Into 2009, Oppenheimer Says

Target Profit Declines as Consumers Curb Spending

Home Depot Profit Drops 66% on U. S. Housing Slump

Hedge Funds in Swaps Face Peril With Rising Junk Bond Defaults

Crude oil rose above $129 a barrel

Producer Prices in U. S. Increase More Than Forecast

China’s All-Seeing Eye

Over 500 juveniles held by US in Iraq and Afghanistan

The New York Times and Washington’s new prison in Afghanistan

Global survey reveals growing anger over social inequality

(Not) Keeping Up with Our Parents: Just Being Middle Class Is Becoming out of Reach

Iraq Vets Testify to War Atrocities, Vow to Fight and Resist Bush Policy

Spies 4 Hire: Carlyle Group 2 Become Owner of 1 of Americas Largest Private Intelligence Armies

YouTube refuses Lieberman request


Union: Raid Likely Ruins Exploitation Probes

Exxon Facing Shareholder Revolt Over Approach to Climate Change

Siegelman: Justice Scandal Dwarfs Watergate


The Conservative Movement: From Failure to Threat

Terror Most Imperial

George Bush’s Power to Inspire

The CIA Is More Active Than Ever In Venezuela

War’s Shopping Cart

For Profit

There is more than meets the eye about the world food crisis

Stranded in Suburbia

Legal Theory Seeks to Curtail Tort Cases

Keeping Secrets: In Presidential Memo, a New Designation for Classifying Information

Low-Income Renters to Pay for Housing Bailout

An Appeal to Admiral Fallon on Iran

UBS $100 Billion Wager Prompted $24 Billion Loss in Nine Months

Banks Hide $35 Billion in Writedowns From Income Statements, Filings Show

Lowe’s Says Q1 Profits Fell 18%, Sees More Declines on Housing

Auction-Rate Losses Cost Google, UPS $1. 8 Billion

Israeli and US death squads infesting the world


Employment verification plan triggers fears of Big Brother

Rumsfeld: "Why Not another 911"

With Contempt: An Open letter to Dianne Feinstein

Israel Must Be Held To Same Nuclear Scrutiny as Iran

So Just Where Does The Madness End?

Mark Engler, How to Rule the World After Bush

The Bushes and Hitler’s Appeasement

’Extraordinary Rendition’ on Trial in Italy

McCain Action Helped Arizona Developer: Report


Calling Pelosi’s bluff, Republicans temporarily block war-funding bill

Everybody Knows.

Lies of Aggression

Iran busts CIA terror network

Peak Oil and Politicians

The Hard Truth on Sadr City, Iraq; and the Deplorable Treatment of Veterans in America

Gravediggers of the world unite! Capitalism Must Die

U. S. Sergeant Refuses to Go to Iraq: "This Occupation is Unconstitutional and Illegal"

How Bush’s grandfather helped Hitler’s rise to power

U. S. Planning Big New Prison in Afghanistan

John Cusack’s War: The Actor Battles to Un-embed Hollywood With His New Film, "War, Inc."

Iran accuses West of waging war on its turf

U. S. sees need for "tangible action" on Iran


Chalmers Johnson on Our ‘Managed Democracy’ – A Must Read

Ex-Army Corps Consultant Indicted in Bribery Case

Senate Rejects Media Consolidation

Danger: Tough Talk & Wishful Thinking

Single-Family Construction Hits 17-Year Low

Scholes, Nobel Laureate, Says Credit Crisis May Not Be Over

Chalabi-gate: None Dare Call It Treason

Auction-Rate Market Loses $1. 7 Billion for Taxpayers Misled by Governments

Senate Moves Forward On Thought Crimes Bill

Empty rhetoric from Obama on American Axle strike

CAW tries to stampede GM and Chrysler workers into making huge concessions

Bush backs Israel as Palestinians mark 60 years of exile and oppression

Cindy McCain Flaunts Her Privilege

VA Ordered Not to Diagnose PTSD

Justice for Dead Journalists

Is the Creative Internet Just About Dead?

America’s Frightening Alzheimer’s Epidemic

Conyers: ’We’re closing in on Rove’

US Enacts Law to Protect Polar Bears, but Only From Hunting

President Bush Committed Political Treason Today

Peace Group Sues Bush Administration, Charging Iraq War Is Unconstitutional

U. S. -trained forces reportedly helping Mexican cartels

Reagan, strike group preparing to deploy

U. S. Consumer Sentiment Decreases to 28-Year Low

US workers paying the price for Wall Street’s debacle

Fed’s Direct Loans to Banks Climb to Record Level

Oil Rises to Record Above $127


Snipers In Iraq; Killing By The Numbers

Bogus Claim, al-Maliki Stall U. S. Plan on Iran Arms


What Michael Pollan Hasn’t Told You About Food

Redlining Redux

Disqualified General Won’t Quit Tribunals

In Speech Before Israeli Parliament, Bush Compares Democrats To Nazi-Appeasers

Welcome to the Age of Homeland Insecurity

U. S. Industrial Production Dropped More Than Forecast

World Bank ’Destroyed Basic Grains’ in Honduras

Bush Middle East trip highlights crisis of US policy

The Less the Education, the Higher the Risk of Dying Early

Amazon Defender Quits Brazil Environment Post

Corporations Grab Climate Genes

Some Detainees Are Drugged for Deportation

Oil and Politics

Torture Policies Undermine 9/11 Case

A Critical Look at the Forced Spread of Democracy

Who Are the Gitmo Prisoners Released With Sami al-Haj?

An Independent Prosecutor Should Investigate the Architects of the White House Torture Policy

More Spin Uncovered



Judge Backs Christian Soldier’s Conscientious Objector Petition

EU Condemns US Resumption of Executions

US lists polar bear as threatened species

Uncovering Secrets - Please Help

U. S. Foreclosures Rise 65 Percent as Vacated Homes Add to Glut

Freddie Mac Posts $151 Million Loss

Nearly 400 immigrant workers arrested in slaughterhouse raid

The Profitable Dismantling of Civil Society

How We Lost Knowledge of Where Food Comes from and Why We Need to Get It Back

Get Ready to Spend $6,000 a Year on Gas

Bush: Democratic presidency could lead to another terror attack

Bush Operative Pushes Voter-ID Law

Appeals Court Hears Challenge to Uranium Mine

Brazil’s Activists Fear Death Squads Back



JPMorgan Chase CEO: Recession Just Beginning

From The Credit Crunch To The Spectre Of Global Crisis

Gulf Seen Between Democracy in Theory and Practice: Survey

Taking a Stand Against War

Anglo-American Ascendancy Lost in Unnecessary Wars

Saying No to Everything

Conyers Mounts Opposition to Iran Attack

Bank of America Increases Home-Equity Loss Estimate on Consumer .. Stress’

Bernanke Says Markets Remain Unsettled, Fed Is Ready to Increase Auctions

FDIC Shuts Down ANB Bank In NW Arkansas

States Seize Citizens’ Property to Balance Their Budgets

Bush Administration Wants Less Mad Cow Testing

Illegal Alien Raid Part Of FEMA Camp Drill

Pakistan government set to split

Utah mine officials lied to federal agency before Crandall Canyon disaster

Congressional Democrats plan three-stage charade to pass Iraq war funds

Battle Against al Qaeda in Iraq Has Turned Mosul into a Ghost Town

Hedge Fund Titans Are Treating Us Like Pawns in Their Economic Chess Games

Karl Rove refuses to testify before Congress

McCain and the ’Unitary Executive’

State Programs Add Safety Net for the Poorest

Ex-State Officials Allege Bush Administration Corruption Cover-Up


Quiet US Confession: Weapons Were Not Made In Iran After All

Forget The Two-state Solution

Hamas Condemns the Holocaust

Four Days That Changed The Middle East

Hezbollah Foiled US Coup Bid In Lebanon - Report

US Terrorism Report: Selective Data, Wrong Lessons

The Truth About Veteran Suicides

Deadly Animal Virus May Soon Come to U. S. Mainland

Up to 700 arrests estimated in Iowa raid

Food Crisis Hits Fallujah

MBIA Posts Loss of $2. 4 Billion as CDO Slump Deepens

US environmental regulatory official forced out after dispute with Dow Chemical

VIDEO: 9/11 Contradictions

Mary Tillman denounces cover-up of son’s “friendly fire” killing in Afghanistan

Agreement struck to end fighting in Sadr City

Hezbollah makes show of strength against Siniora government

Judge’s Guantanamo Ruling Bodes Ill for System

Burma Exports Rice as Cyclone Victims Starve

Sadr City Residents Fear a Cease-Fire Means More Violence

Domestic Spying Far Outpaces Terrorism Prosecutions


The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder

GM offers $200 million in bid to end American Axle strike

The Lucrative Art of War

Carter says U. S. tortures prisoners

Judge: Woman’s rape case against Halliburton can go to trial

U. S. lease of Waterloo fairgrounds raises questions

Judge Drops General From Trial of Detainee

Judge Orders CIA to Turn Over "Torture" Memo: ACLU

The Truth Behind Drug Ads

Plame Seeks to Resurrect Lawsuit Against Bush Administration in CIA Leak Case

Blackwater unlikely to face charges in Iraq shooting

Pressed Freedom

Latin America: Food Summit Declares Regional Emergency

US Army’s "Stop-Loss" Orders Up Dramatically Over Last Year

U. S. declines to help present nuclear deal to Iran


The U. S. War on Journalists

Judge Orders EPA to Hurry on Carbon Monoxide

Dems Rip EPA for Axing Official Who Urged Cleanup by Dow

Special Counsel Shut Down Probe of Siegelman Case Last Year

A Return to the 1970s?

From Crisis to Crisis?

Outright Barbarism vs. the Civil Society

Government in Secret

US Lawmakers Introduce New Net Neutrality

Oil Climbs Above $126 to Record as Dollar Weakens Against Euro

Raw Sewage Pouring Into Rivers, Streams Across US

Neocons Admit that "War On Terror" Is a Hoax

Report Pushes Passage Of Thought Crimes Bill

Hinchey Calls Blue Dog Behavior "Absolutely Shameful"

The Soldiers Project: Mental Health Care Confidential

Iraqi Military Orders Sadr City Residents to Evacuate

US congressional hearings expose stonewalling on veteran suicide data

House of Representatives passes Democratic home mortgage bill backed by Fed & banking industry

Lebanon on brink of civil war


Bill Targets Oil Firms and OPEC

Neocons and the Truth: Bitter Enemies to the End

Lebanon Descends Into Chaos; Rival Leaders Order General Strike

A Human Rights Crime By Jimmy Carter

216 Held in Protests of Police Acquittals

Largest Institutional Money Manager Subprime Damages May Reach 12 Times Reserve Amount

Lipsky of IMF Says Inflation Is Back, Posing Threat to Economic Stability

Wage-cutting in the US auto parts industry: The background to the American Axle strike

The Challenge Of Modern Slavery


A Picture Worth A Thousand Words

Executive Branch ’Runs’ Government From Outside D. C. as Mock Crises Mount

Feds Practice Evacuation From D. C. to Test ’Continuity of Government’

FBI Withdraws Unconstitutional National Security Letter After ACLU and EFF Challenge

Maternal Profiling

Feingold Wants to Use Farm Bill to Hold Back Gas Prices

Small Farmers Have Huge Stake in Farm Bill Debate

In Food Price Crunch, More Americans Seek Help

Bush Vows to Veto Housing-Relief Bill in House

The Air Force Above All: Dominating the Air, Space, and Cyberspace

Iraq Prepares for Baghdad Exodus

McCain Vows to Name More "Alitos" and "Robertses"

Bush Iraq Emails Not Recoverable

White House tells court of missing emails from beginning of Iraq war

War profits taint the greedy hands of more than 25% of members of the US House and Senate!

The Polluting Of The Environmental Protection Agency

Portrait of an Oil-Addicted Former Superpower

The "Surge" of Iraqi Prisoners


Lawyers for Guantanamo Inmates Accuse US of Eavesdropping

Vallejo, California City Officials Vote to File for Bankruptcy

Mortgage crisis ’threat to economy’

House takes up bills to help financially at-risk homeowners

U. S. Stocks Decline on Housing Concern

EPA might not act to limit rocket fuel in drinking water

The EU strengthens “Fortress Europe” against migration due to climate change

Fighting intensifies across Afghanistan

Bush administration moves to exploit Burma cyclone disaster

Under U. S. Law Torture is Always Illegal

Iran cites Israeli nuclear activity as example of world’s hypocrisy

Back to Square 1 on soldiers’ safety

Doubting the Evidence Against Iran

Pentagon Targeted Iran for Regime Change after 9/11

US presidents-to-be in denial: McCain, Obama and Clinton silent on Iraq exit

Ten Million Children Worldwide Die From Lack of Health Care

Strike Hits GM Plant That Makes a Big Seller

Arizona Debates Relaxing Rules on Teen Labor Safety

Alaska Legislature Shops for Oil-Friendly Polar Bear Science

It’s the Profits Stupid! Exxon’s Rising Take From America: Will the Proposed Gas Tax Holiday Re

FBI Searches Office of Special Counsel Building

Senate Prepares for GI Bill Showdown

US Executes First Inmate After Moratorium


Oil prices hit record high 122. 49 dollars

Gen. Sanchez: Iraq policy driven by Bush reelection politics

Justice System for Detainees Is Moving at a Crawl

Racial Disparities Persist in Drug Arrests

Business Bankruptcy Filings Rise 49% in U. S. Amid Deepening Economic Slump

UBS Set to Cut 5,500 Jobs After $17. 3 billion First-Quarter Loss

Fannie Mae to Raise $6 Billion After Posting $2. 19 billion Loss

Telecoms Give Police Info Without A Warrant

Secrecy In DHS Cybersecurity Plans

Soldier suicides may top war tolls

Democrats Prepare Sell-Out on Telecom Immunity: House Leaders to Give White House a Blank Check

Bernanke urges more action to stem home foreclosure crisis

Former prosecutor testifies that Guantánamo military commissions are show trials

New York Times exposé on immigrant deaths in custody

Bush, Democrats seek to fund Iraq war into next administration

Democratic and Republican Health Care Plans Offer Clear Choices

Tomato Pickers Say Burger King Spies on Allies

Rainforest Seeds Revive Lost Paradise

Russian Scientist Discovers Gassy Permafrost

Fiscal Pressures Lead Some States to Free Inmates Early

Net Neutrality

House panel subpoenas top Cheney aide


The Last Roundup

Report: U. S. Not as ’Free’ as Touted

Supreme Court Shows a Shift Toward Narrower Rulings

Pentagon Backs Plan to Build US "Zone Of Influence" of Hotels and Resorts in Baghdad

The Return of the Granny Bashers: More Attacks on Social Security and Medicare

Military, DHS document lists who should live and die in pandemic

Oil Rises to Record $120. 21 After Economic Data Signal More Energy Demand

US Federal Reserve and European Central Bank pump an extra $82bn into banking system

Judge orders all references to ’Taser’ stricken from medical examiner’s reports

Chertoff Says New Laws Needed

Journalist released from Guantánamo details abuse

Iraq says no hard evidence of Iranian support for militia

Iraq Backs Off Allegations That Iran Is Behind Violence

Blackwater Shooting Highlights a US, Iraq Culture Clash

Few Details on Immigrants Who Died in US Custody

Helping the Unemployed

United States is drawing up plans to strike on Iranian insurgency camp

The Pentagon’s $1 Trillion Problem

Democratic candidates agree on expanded US military aggression in the Middle East

Corruption Eats Into Food Rations


Endless War

Abbas Sends Forces to Northern West Bank

How Fraud Fueled the Mortgage Crisis

Even the Insured Feel the Strain of Health Costs

Despite Alert, Flawed KBR Wiring Still Kills GI’s

Convention Preparations Prompt Suit by ACLU

Pentagon Considers Adding Forces in Afghanistan

Contractors Gone Wild


US payrolls shrank by 20,000 jobs in April

For Striking Factory Workers, US-First Pledge Falls Flat

UAW preparing agreement to slash American Axle workers’ wages, close plants

The California budget and the crisis of public education

Tens of thousands march against immigration raids in the US

Another political show trial in Baghdad: Tariq Aziz charged with genocide

Why We Need to Rise up Against Industrial Agriculture (Again)

America’s Chemically Modified 21st Century Soldiers

US Navy research lab under microscope in Indonesia

CIA ’preparing public for Iran war’

Lawmakers seek probe of Pentagon public relations program

General: Homeland response task force to be ready by fall

Groups File Legal Action for EPA to Stop Sale of 200+ Nano-Silver Products

Monsanto’s Harvest of Fear

Oxygen-Poor Ocean Zones Are Growing

Dawn of an Energy Famine

Israel Urged to End Blockade of Gaza as Talks Begin in London


The Plague of Potomac Fever

Somalia: a victim of Bush’s recklessness

Democrats Okay Funds for Covert Ops

Elite Policy and the "Axis of Evil" by Noam Chomsky

US Navy Resuscitates South Atlantic Fourth Fleet

The New Geopolitics of Energy

The Insurgent as Counterinsurgent

Turkey Confirms Air Strikes on Kurd Rebels in Northern Iraq

Ticker Tape Ain’t Spaghetti

Al Jazeera Cameraman Freed From Guantanamo After Six Years

High-Level Officials Warn of Fake Terror

Congress, the Bush Administration and Continuity of Government Planning--The Showdown

Agricultural corporations boast huge profits in midst of food crisis

US dockworkers’ union holds eight-hour work stoppage to protest Iraq war

Five years after “mission accomplished,” sharp rise in Iraqi and US casualties

User-Generated Censorship

Dept. of Veterans Affairs Changes Policy on Helping Wounded Soldiers Register to Vote

Ignore the Youth Vote at Your Own Peril

Artificial Foods and Corporate Crops: Can We Escape the ’Frankenstate’?

John McCain Adores the War and Ignores the Warriors

The Right’s America-Hating Preacher

Labor: Negotiate Green to Protect Working People and Their Environment

Our Memorial Day

Shell to Exit Wind Project

White House Blocked Rule Issued to Shield Whales

House committee threatens Rove with subpoena

Medical marijuana user who was denied liver transplant dies

Bush Administration Keeps Communications With Telecoms Secret

Break-ins plague targets of US Attorneys

EPA Official Ousted While Fighting Dow

Mission Never-Ending


Americans unload prized belongings to make ends meet

Chevron Complicit in Burma Human Rights Abuses: Environmental Group

Longshore Union Strikes Against War

Iran under the Gun

Exxon First-quarter Net Income Profit Rose to $10. 9 Billion

US Income gains eroded by inflation

US Federal Reserve cuts interest rates as housing slump, recession deepen

Economy Likely Shed 80,000 Jobs in April

Denying Palestinians Free Movement in the West Bank

Pakistan’s new coalition government close to breakup

A barrage of US threats against Iran

Coerced Abortion Bill Harms, Not Protects, Women

Suit Accuses Cosmetic Makers of Organic Ruse

Dumb as We Wanna Be

Did the US Supreme Court Just Elect John McCain?

Federal Contracting Chief Is Forced Out

Suspicious Phone Messages Target Black Voters in North Carolina

ACLU: Pentagon Documents Highlight Interrogation Methods

Blue Dogs on Hoyer’s FISA Leash