Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 - Time to wake up

2009 - Time to wake up

By Omran Al Sharhan

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While 100 of millions are happily celebrating the New Years Eve with their loved ones, 100s of innocent Palestinian civilians & Hamas Freedom Fighters have been bombed by F-16s indiscriminately. 1000s of seriously injured Palestinians are desperately waiting for blood, medicine & doctors. 100,000s are trying to find a shelter to hide and protect their loved ones, food to eat and water to drink. More than 2,000,000 are hoping for an end to all misery inflicted on them during the past 60 years. Yet with all those numbers, the headlines of CNN as well as other major media corporations focus on the less than 10 injured Israelis and 2 dead Israelis.

Watching Al-Jazeera and reading online news that you won't find on CNN and Fox News, one will witness a historic moment in which millions of protestors worldwide have decided to speak against the atrocities occurring in the lands of Palestine. Many holding shoes (symbolizes the shoe-thrower Hero of Iraq), many holding signs of "Stop Zionism", "End the HoloCaust", "9/11 - Inside Job", "Support Gaza - Break the Seige" and much more. Whether it is in London, or Belgium or even New York, the brave protestors filled the streets fearing no authority, no government and no voilent police response. Christians, Muslims, Buddhas and even Jews, all sharing one goal, one voice, one conscience, one hope for "real" change and not the "change" advertized throughout 2008 American Elections.

As conscious human-beings who care about humanity and still maintain hope for a better world, the recent global protests for Gaza should strengthen our faith in creating that better world we all dreamed of. A world in which no country is above International Law, a world with no occupied territories, a world where justice prevails, a world that does not remain quiet when a whole nation is being horrifically imprisoned for decades.

This new level of awareness filling the streets of the world is growing with every injust bombing or bullet that penetrates through the flesh of the Heroic Stone Throwers & Resistance Fighters. Gaza has become a symbol of resistance to injustice, Gaza has become a symbol of freedom, Gaza has become the symbol of unity for all those who seek justice in our world.

The time has arrived in which the world is finally waking up from the illusions of the world. Young & Old people of all faiths are waking up to the injustice that has been hidden from them by the very same tools that aim to brainwash and manipulate the masses. It is time for real change, not the change promised to us by the manipulative soon to be President of USA, but by change that will be brought by the brave people of the world who seek justice and truth. The new Holocaust will end, the New World Order will fail, and Good will win over Evil. This is not utopian, reality has shown us that this can be accomplished.

Happy New Year.

"We are not Human-beings on a Spiritual Journey, We are Spiritual-beings on a Human Journey"

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