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Common Man News 2/2009

News for the common man because the elite already know!



The worst business loss in UK history

Grim US data show deepening downturn

Britain Admits Complicity in U. S. Rendition

Obama budget sees $1. 75 trillion current fiscal year deficit

Obama to spend $200b on war in 2009

Obama seeks US$663. 7b for 2010 defence spending

The U. S. Economy: Designed to Fail

Obama administration defends telecom immunity

San Francisco Chronicle May Shut Down

FDA Ignored Debris in Syringes

Housing Price Decline Accelerates

Economic slump deepens in Japan as exports collapse

Obama’s Iraq withdrawal plan sets stage for continued war

Bailed-Out Bank Blows Millions on LA Parties

The Deep Politics of Hollywood

The GOP's Anti-Obama Propaganda

Leahy, Pelosi Differ on Bush Inquiry

Unions Back Bill Trying to Stop Mexican Trucks in US

A Choice Between Peace and Peril

The US v. Barry Bonds

Housing Prices in 20 U. S. Cities Fall a Record 18. 5%

50,000 US troops to remain in Iraq under Obama 'withdrawal' plan

Top generals sign secrecy letter on budget


Tech Layoffs Jump 75% in 2008

Why Is Geithner Continuing Paulson's Policy of Violating the Law?

Judge Questions Law Giving Telecoms Immunity

The Appearance Of Strength

Hillary Clinton presses China to keep buying US debt

Obama outlines policy of austerity at budget summit

Obama’s Afghan “surge” sows seeds of new wars

U. S. Military Preparing for “Violent, Strategic Dislocation Inside the United States”

New global media to educate 'global citizens'

Americans' Standard of Living Permanently Changed

New effort to win EU acceptance for genetically modified crops

U. S. housing starts drop to lowest ever

Deeper North American Integration Still in the Cards

Warning Against Adverse Health Effects From the Operation of Digital Broadcast Television

Confidence erodes in U. S. food supply

This financial crisis is now truly global

Kill The Messenger By Sibel Edmonds

Iran's Nuke Program not Weapons-capable: Report

Full Horror of Gitmo Inmate's Beatings

Israel: Time to Stop Playing the Victim Role

Financiers Used "Hotline" to SEC Examiners

Human Slavery Is Thriving in the Shadows

The Deficit Hawks' Attack on Our Entitlements

Labor's Time Has Come, but Trouble Stirs Within

Guadeloupe Strikes: A Warning to Obama?

Home Depot swings to $54 million loss

How the US Economy Was Lost

The Two Documents Everyone Should Read to Better Understand the Crisis

The Credit Card Debt Crisis: The Next Economic Domino

US Clears Path to Bank Takeovers

Home Prices Plunge 18. 5%; Another New Low

Home sales sink unexpectedly, lowest since 1997


Layoffs at GM Lordstown plant ravage Ohio communities

Obama's housing plan and the American ruling class

Big Pharma Quietly Hikes Drug Prices 100 Percent or More

Army charity hoards millions

Closing Down Main Street

Stock Decline Hits Depression Levels

Black Sea: Pentagon's Gateway to Three Continents and the Middle East

Get ready for a wave of bank failures

Iraqi Doctors in Hiding Treat as They Can

Whatever Happened to Antitrust?

An Impending Geopolitical Earthquake?

The Hidden Link Between Factory Farms and Human Illness

NAFTA Renegotiation Must Wait, Obama Says

The Case for a Truth Commission


Demagogy and empty promises as Obama signs stimulus bill

Government measures fail to halt severe decline of British economy

US automakers outline massive attack on jobs, wages

Obama’s mortgage plan aims to bolster the banks

Nearly five million on jobless benefits in US

Jobless Hit With Bank Fees on Benefits

Many Employers Are Just Using the Recession to Stick it to Workers

The US Media & Democracy in Crisis

US Increases Militarization at Canadian Border

Greenspan Backs Bank Nationalization

Doomsday seed vault's stores are growing

Credit Card Companies Financially Profiling Customers

Body scanners replace metal detectors in tryout at Tulsa airport

Guantanamo Bay release overturned by US court

Court bars release of 17 Uighurs detainees into US

Groups to Sue Cleaning Product Makers for Ingredient Disclosure

Once-Mighty UAW Yields to Market

Obama, Gates at Odds Over New Whistleblower Protections

Billions More For Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac

Three RN Unions Join Forces in New Union

Next Wave of Banking Crisis to come from Eastern Europe


US occupation of Iraq: An ongoing criminal enterprise

Consumers Cut Food Spending Sharply

Homeowners' rallying cry: Produce the note

The Oligarchs' Escape Plan - at the Treasury's Expense

Geithner gets the keys to the henhouse

The President of Special Interests

Hollywood's New Censors

Rules of War Weren’t Made for Only One People

SEC Charges Stanford Financial in $8 Billion Fraud

Obama O. K. s 17,000 More Afghanistan Troops

Gun dealers experiencing shortages of bullets

The Economists Who Missed the Housing Bubble Are Coming After Your Social Security

US backtracks on pay caps for banking executives

Russian Markets Halted as Emergency Funding Fails to Halt Rout

Amy Goodman: Jailing Kids for Cash

2 Pa. Judges Admit Jailing Kids For Cash

Homeland Security reportedly passed protest information to Md. police

CIA secretly using Pakistan base for drone raids

Is Israel assassinating Iran nuclear scientists?

GM, Chrysler seek billions more, to cut more jobs


Is the U. S. Military Now an Imperial Police Force?

Collapse of the US dollar: Global systemic crisis. The phase of global geopolitical dislocation

Davos Debt & Denial

Eastern Europe Is About to Blow

Financial Crisis: Toxic Plans for Toxic Assets

Obama Seeks Delay in Deciding on Rove Subpoena

Citi, Morgan Stanley May Pay $3 Billion "Retention Awards"

Locked Out and Locked Up

Women Have Come a Long Way; Their Husbands Have a Ways to Go

Anti-Terror Tactics "Weaken Law"

Stop Baby Boomer Bashing: Protect Social Security and Medicare

The Fiscal Stimulus Will Pay For Itself

Japan says economic crisis worst since WWII

U. S. govt. short $1. 2 trillion to pay own retirees' healthcare

Republicans Try to Block Guantanamo Detainees From State Prisons

Former Guantanamo Guard Tells All


Israel Lurches Into Fascism

Egypt seizes aid supplies for Gaza

Obama, like Bush, is Throwing Public Money into a Black Holee

Deficit Nonchalance

US Intel Confirms Iran Not Developing Nukes

Unredacted Documents Reveal Prisoners Tortured to Death

Officially “Out Of Control”

Obama administration seeks to block lawsuit over illegal wiretapping

Wall Street demands lifting of pay limits

Tainted peanut butter scandal deepens

Europe turns to protectionism as industry plummets

US intelligence chief: World capitalist crisis poses greatest threat

It's Going to Take a Civic Jolt By Ralph Nader

Looting Social Security

Large U. S. Banks on Brink of Insolvency, Experts Say

Torture Report Erodes Bush's Defense

A Torture Report Could Spell Big Trouble for Bush Lawyers

GM Considering Chapter 11 Filing, New Company: Report

Obama's Defense Department appointees – The $3. 4 Trillion Question

US foreclosure image is World Press Photo Of 2008

White House Not Challenging Rove's Privilege

Case May Alter Judge Elections Across Country

Senior Republicans: Nationalizing Banks Should Be On the Table

Israel ready to launch a military offensive against Iran

The West's Final Assault On the Former Soviet Union

5000 Steelworkers Deliver a Message to GOP Stimulus

Asia: The Coming Fury

WSF: Is Another World Possible?

U. S. Postal Service Nearing Insolvency

The Oligarchy's Bailout Ball

New life for anti-war film Pentagon suppressed

Ruling Won't End Autism Debate, Groups Pledge

Appeals Court Overturns New Mountaintop Mine Rules

How Banks Are Worsening the Foreclosure Crisis

How Halliburton ensured it had a very profitable war in Iraq

Blackwater Changes Its Name to Xe


A Proposal to Shore Up Banks With Pension Funds

Poll: Most Want Inquiry Into Anti-Terror Tactics

FBI Sees Bailout Fraud Cases Coming

US jobless benefit rolls hit record high

Cut the Military Budget by Barney Frank

Hackers clone passports in drive-by RFID heist

US Congress reintroduces 'state secrets' bill

Investigation: Merrill gave 696 execs million dollar bonuses

Domenici's Records Subpoenaed in Firings Probe

US Supreme Court undermines constitutional protection against unreasonable searches and seizure

Congress on bended knee before Wall Street executives

Peanut company president refuses to answer questions from Congress

Indicting Baseball Players, But Not DOJ Officials for False Testimony to Congress?

Scientists Heartened at Prospect of End to Stem Cell Ban

Farms See Big Crop of Workers

Bush-Era Offshore Drilling Plan Is Set Aside


Employee Free Choice Act—Why workers need it

Organize to fight back now

States Push to Take Back National Guard

Obama’s Immigration Conundrum

GM slashes 10,000 jobs

No Tough Love for Wall Street

Companies are Marketing Police State Normalcy to Children

The Bank Rescue Plan Is a Disaster in the Making

The GOP's Jihad on Obama

A Call to End All Renditions

Leahy Talks To White House About Investigating Bush


Pentagon warns of US military intervention in Mexico’s war on drugs

Vice President Biden in Munich signals continuation of US aggression

Obama’s economic stimulus paves way for multi-trillion-dollar handout to the banks

Obama paints a picture of economic catastrophe

Obama administration defends torturers

Nissan to slash 20,000 jobs and sees annual loss

Who Gets What: Billions to Colleges and Students

CNN's Lou Dobbs Peddles Lies and Anti-Union Propaganda

Daschle Is Just the Beginning: Get Ready for a Torrent Outrage

The GOP's Filibuster Hypocrisy

Wikileaks unloads a billion dollars worth of secret reports created for United States Congress

Doctors: Under the Drug Industry's Influence?

Steele's Campaign Spending Questioned

Ecuador expels US official for 'bribery'

Ecuador expels US official for 'bribery'

Israeli jets stage mock raids in Lebanon airspace

White House mulls Pentagon oversight for nuke weapons -NYT

Obama's NSC Will Get New Power

KBR Wins Contract Despite Criminal Probe of Deaths

Treasury plan to rely on financial institutions

CIA made Rolling Stone satire into dirty bomb plot: report

The tunnels of Gaza

Pentagon downplays GI suicides

Where has the U. S. bailout money gone?

Why Is Obama Adopting Bush's Blustery Stance on Secret Documents about Rendition

Jobless in America

New Worries About Gardasil Safety

US Treasury to pump billions more into banks

New Bailout May Top $1. 5 Trillion

Catastrophic Fall in 2009 Global Food Production

Coast Guard copters show teeth in war game

Locked into the Bailout State


Gold Disconnects from USDollar

State can run out of money, but can't file for bankruptcy

84% of cities in money trouble

Tax the Speculators! By Ralph Nader

Revolt brews in California counties

Toyota warns of big annual loss

Pentagon clashes with media over control of information

AP CEO Urges Better Press Access to Military Ops

Economic Disaster - Are You Next?

US unemployment expected to rocket

Six hundred thousand January layoffs in US

Regulators close failed banks in Ga., Calif.

New Orleans: Elite U. S. Troops, Bombs In Urban Warfare Exercise

Keep Your Job, Lose Your Health Insurance

Are Obama's Own Generals Plotting to Undermine His Exit Strategy for Iraq?

How the 'Financial Experts' Keep Screwing You

Female Workers May Exceed Males in the US Due to Recession

FDA OKs 1st drug from genetically altered animals

'It May Be Time For Mr. Cheney To Leave This Country'

How Bush Threatened Britain

Plague-Infested Mice Missing From New Jersey Research Lab

Corrupt Egyptian system: feeds the IDF, starves Gazans, oppresses journalists

Passengers of freighter seized by Israel return home with tales of abuse


The American ruling class

Happy Birthday Ronald Reagan (Thanks for Ruining America)

Public Revolt Builds Against Rip-off Rescue Plans for the Economy

Insurers Hike Medicare Advantage Prices

TARP Recipients Paid $114 Million to Lobby Lawmakers

IBM Offers to Move Laid Off Workers to India

Pentagon Spending Billions on PR to Sway Domestic, World Opinion

Last Guantanamo Trial Is Halted

Farewell, Monroe Doctrine

Army Reports Alarming Spike in Suicides Last Month

Army official: Suicides in January 'terrifying'

Treasury to unveil 'comprehensive' bank rescue plan Monday

List of Banks Receiving Funds From $700B TARP

Government Overpaid for Wall Street Assets


Deluge Is Holding Up Benefits to Unemployed

Rove says he won't comply with congressional subpoenas

Weekly US jobless claims hit new 26-year high

Dispute Mounts Over Key US Base in Kyrgyzstan

Judges Took Bribes to Send Children to Privately Owned Juvenile Detention Centers

Blackwater Guards Immune Under Law, Pentagon Says


The Whole World Is Rioting as the Economic Crisis Worsens -- Why Aren't We?

US military suicide rate at record high

Tens of thousands more jobs eliminated in the US

Foreclosures Now One in Five Home Sales

Auto sales hit 27-year low

Private Sector Cuts 522,000 Jobs in January

Dozens of secret Bush surveillance, executive power memos found; Could be made public

Shining a Bright Light on a Dark 401(k) Secret

Ford and GM see big fall in sale

Police Listed Gay Rights Group Among Terrorists

California Goes Broke, Halts $3. 5 Billion in Payments

Who Knew Bankers Were This Stupid?

Runaway Wall Street

McCain Opposes Recovery Package Because It Has Corporate Giveaways That He Once Campaigned For

Hunger in the U. S.: A Problem as American as Apple Pie

Gaza desperately short of food after Israel destroys farmland

Homeowners Laud, Lenders Decry Proposed Legislation

The War on Terror is a Hoax

Why Are We Still at War?


It’s Not Going to Be OK

Obama prepares another trillion-dollar bank bailout

Macy's to cut 7,000 jobs, slash dividend

World stocks fall on poor earnings, banking woes

U. S. Economy: Manufacturing Shrinks, Spending Falls

Call to Try Bush

A Bankrupt and Discredited Country The Era of American Leadership Is Ove

Gaza and the Crimes of Mubarak

When Did We Stop Caring About Civilian Deaths During Wartime?

Closing Dealers Stun Buyers With Liens On Trade-In

86 Israeli war criminals are now wanted by international courts, says Raji Al-Sourani

Iraq tribes threaten to take up arms over poll

Greek riot police fire tear gas at farmers

Nuclear power workers join wildcat strike action over foreign labour

Levin livid over reported Citigroup jet purchase

Bailed Out Bank of America Sponsors Super Bowl Fun

Let banks fail, says Nobel economist Joseph Stiglitz

Insurers overcharged Medicare for prescriptions, report finds


Chalmers Johnson, Economic Death Spiral at the Pentagon


Global crisis threatens to break up the Eurozone

General Motors to Invest $1 Billion in Brazil Operations; Money to Come from U. S. Bailout

World Bank Demolished Albania Village

Secret Spending: Fed Lends Two Trillion Without Oversight

Richest Americans' Income Doubled, Tax Rate Slashed

Calm Iraqi Election Marred as Thousands Were Denied Vote

Florida, Maryland, Utah Banks Shut as Financial Crisis Deepens

Nests In Hell

Bush's War Totals

State Department to Blackwater: You're Fired, Leave Iraq by May

Mediators called in as wildcat strikes spread across UK

Bailed out banks sought foreign workers for high-paying jobs

Proposed legislation in Congress would set up camps for US citizens


46 Of 50 States Could File Bankruptcy In 2009-2010

California is told to furlough employees

The US Unemployment Rate 10% Higher than government is reporting

Homelessness surges as funding falters

Lenders abruptly cut lines of credit

Protesters rally in Mexico City

General Wants to Scan More U. S. Irises, Fingerprints

Israel says Spain says it will amend war crimes law

Dirty Business, Dirty Wars U. S. -Latin American Relations in the 21st Century

Buckling Europe fears protests may spark a new revolution

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