Sunday, April 12, 2009

Assistance Sought to Bury "Quackbusters"

Assistance Sought to Bury "Quackbusters" & Other Myopic Pro Pharma Fools on San Diego Union Tribunes Website

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Please go to and study the posts there which follow a so called "news" article that attacks well known alternative practitioner Kurt Donsbach who was arrested last week in San Diego on a variety of trumped up charges. He is being charged with 11 felonies and faces up to 6 years in State Prison if convicted. It is alleged that his supplement manufacturing firm shipped contaminated Turmeric products to Europe.

Dr. Donsbach was arrested while operating his web based radio show. I maintain that this attack on him is nothing more than part of an ongoing witch hunt against the man thats been going on for decades.

You can see a couple of You Tubes about this great teacher and alternative practitioner here:

Everyone is presumed innocent unless proven guilty in a court of law, yet the San Diego Union Tribune has attempted to "tar and feather" Dr.Donsbach, and is urging the public to pile on via letters on their site.

I've been up there swinging an axe, cleaving off the heads of any pro Pharma varmints who dare stick their heads up and I urge you to join me.

Several of the people posting are most likely members or supports of the so called National Council Against Health Fraud.
You will find information about this bogus organization at

While Kurt Donsbach is a colorful and controversial person, I also happen to know the man. I once worked for him at Hospital Santa Monica in Mexico before it was wrongly shut down by the Mexican authorities in 2007 following the death of Coretta Scott King, the wife of Martin Luther King who happened to die there.

It wasn't Donsbach's fault she died, he can't save everyone any more than any other cancer hospital can, and she was too far gone to have a chance. She was destroyed by chemotherapy and radiation before she even got to his clinic. I know from having worked there that the patients who had the best chance to survive were those who had never had radiation or chemotherapy because their immune systems were the most intact.

When you go to this site, you will see my posts as "Jham", and you will see various inept voicers unable to intelligently respond to any of my substantive points which they much prefer to ignore while engaging in nothing but empty ad hominem attacks.

Please only post information that buries the other side if you post on here, but please take the time to read the posts on the San Diego tribune website following their highly biased article against Dr.Donsbach.

I should add one last thing here- in America, a person is presumed innocent unless PROVEN guilty in a court of law. Dr. Donsbach deserves his day in court as much as any one else, but the San Diego Union Tribunte and the pro Pharma people posting here are out to bury this man, they're trying to tar and feather him along with the entire dietary supplement industry and all alternative medical practitioners.

On you will see that I have made many references to the Nemenhah band- of the Native American Church, calling attention to the fact that if Dr.
Donsbach had been a member in good standing, it would be much harder for the Feds to attack him now because he'd be largely outside their juridiction due to the protection afforded by the Supreme Court decision Gonzalez v O

All of us should join it, especially anyone on the IAHF list who is an alternative practitioner. You'll see why when you read my posts at the SD Tribune website and spend time on the Nemenhah website.
See their resources section- scroll down to Points ot Law:

Appreciate this effort to publicly show up the "quackbusters"? Your donations will assist me in lobbying in DC against the dangerous Food Safety Bills discussed in my recent previous alerts- see You can donate via Paypal at or via check or money order to IAHF 556 Boundary Bay Rd.
, Point Roberts WA 98281 USA
The life you save could be your own!!


And you'll find his website here:


Charla said...

If Dr. Donsbach's Turmeric product is contaminated with the drug nimesulide then it is very likely because the raw materials were obtained from China, as so many vitamins, supplements and herbal products are.

Some years ago I remember reading about many herbs used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) used in this country being contaminated with pharmaceuticals to make them appear more potent.

We need to boycott Chinese food, supplement and herbal products. They cannot be trusted to be safe.

Also, the only ascorbic acid available that I know of is from China. Their government supported their producers consistently undercutting prices worldwide so that other producers went out of business due to their predatory business practices.

How many American companies selling baby formula have been jailed when their products were found to contain melamine? NONE. The issue here is persecution of alternative medicine.

Anonymous said...

Charla, your racist comments don't help any of us, including the industry that you purport to help out. "Boycott all Chinese products?" What planet are you from? Do you not understand that China passed the u.s. as the world's biggest exporter in 2006???

Did it occur to you that those studies which labelled Chinese herbs as dangerous or contaminated were commissioned and run by those who have a vested interest in the dissolution of all competing health practices? Yes, the FDA and big pharma.

Well now that you know you have swallowed it hook line and sinker, please get to work undoing your mess.