Tuesday, May 5, 2009

UN probe finds Israel guilty of war crimes

UN probe finds Israel guilty of war crimes

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A UN report has found Israel responsible for six major crimes committed against Palestinians during the three-week offensive in the Gaza Strip.

The report released on Tuesday blamed Israel for six serious incidents leading to death, injuries, or damage during the Gaza War, AFP reported.

"In six of the nine incidents the board concluded that the death, injuries and damage involved were caused by military actions, using munitions launched or dropped from the air or fired from the ground, by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF)," the report said.

United Nations Headquarters Board of Inquiry launched a probe into nine incidents after Israel bombed several UN schools and buildings in December's war against Palestinians.

Two UN schools were bombed in a single day which led to the death of at least 50 people most of them women and children who took refuge in the buildings. The 22-day war left at least 1,350 people killed in the strip.

Israel, however, denounced the UN report on its performance in Gaza and termed it biased and misleading.

The report now waits for the UN Security Council's decision.

The US has so far vetoed all but one Security Council's anti-Israeli resolutions.

Washington's reaction to the recent report could be considered as a test to determine whether the United States has changed its policy in the Middle East.

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