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Common Man News 8/2009

News for the common man because the elite already know!



Historical facts about the dangers (and failu

WPost Helps CIA Defend Torture

My Country, Misery

Is The USA A Sick Country Or What?

The Widening Gap In America's Two Tiered

Zionism: An “Abnormal” Nationalism

Israel Turns Up The Heat To Evict Bedouin Fro

Iran "Rebel" Says US Ordered Terror

Hummel: The US Will Default On Its Debt

U.S. drops demand for Israel building freeze

The Spend-And-Borrow Economy

"No Wage Growth; No Recovery"

Arabs Paying The Price Of The Holocaust: Tutu

US Army Chief: We'll Always Stand by Isra

CIA Releases Its Instructions For Breaking a

Will Gold Reach $5000+?

Legitimization And Normalization Of Terror

The Largest Street Gang in America


DOJ May Skirt Court Order on Interrogation Do

Obama's AfPak war intensifies on both sid

Cheney's 'Fodder'

Taxpayers will foot bill to defend CIA interr

Bill Would Give President Emergency Control o

US debt to hit $20 trillion by 2020

Obama reappoints Bernanke as Federal Reserve

CIA probe shields architects of US torture re

Seeing Israel’s prisons through Palestinian e

US government list of "problem banks&quo

FDIC: Number of troubled banks rises to 416

1,000 Banks to Fail In Next Two Years: Bank C

The Secret Government

Health care industry contributes heavily to B

Study: Oil speculators dominate open interest

Re-Appointed Fed Chief Ben Bernanke Didn'

Torture Process Described in Detail

Growing Poverty and Despair in America

'Crude': The Film Chevron Doesn't

Health-care workers steer clear of swine flu

Bush's Search Policy For Travelers Is Kep

ACLU Sues DHS over Laptop Searches

Files prove Pentagon is profiling reporters

Group: US is monitoring journalists in Afghan

Judge denies group's bid to block swine f

The Foreclosure Rescue Mirage


Closing In on the Torturers

Manipulating the Data to Justify a Worldwide

Rhode Island Governor to Shut Down State Gove

Haiti Hurricane Devastation Remains One Year

Expert Who Warned Levees Would Burst Fired

Government Office Projects More Severe Downtu

Judge gives Federal Reserve five days to disc

All facts on the ground prove Swedish report

Iran discovers vast new oil reserves

The Untold Story of the Cuban Five

AFRICOM: Pentagon’s First Direct Military Int

California braces for new round of budget cut

Internal CIA report shows agents tortured, ki

Bernanke's apologia for the Fed

New US Deaths Make 2009 Afghan War's Dead

Unemployment, Deficits To Be Far Worse Than S

Pentagon Plans For Global Military Supremacy

There Are More Slaves Today Than at Any Time

GOP Uses Scare Tactics to Discourage Torture

Searching For The Depression---And Finding It

The Debilitating Myth of the 'Free Market

The Defense Industry's Secret Weapon

Don't Inject Me (the Swine Flu Vaccine s

CDC pushing swine flu vaccine shots for "

EPA Fails to Inform Public About Weed-Killer

Herbicide Found in Water May Pose Greater Dan

Mr. America: Bankrupt, Diseased and Running O

Imaging Tests Can Damage Kidneys, Increase St

Secret Prisons and Sovereignty

Iraqi Refugees Find US Life Not What They Exp

Wal-Mart Faces Its Day of Reckoning

How Our Health System Screws Over Women

Exposed: The Swine Flu Hoax

Obama creates interrogation unit

War to escalate after Afghan election

New revelations on immigrant detainee abuse

Remember me? Wall Street repackages debt for


Texas judge on trial for refusing to hear dea

US workplace suicides up by 28 percent

Competition Lacking Among Private Health Insu

Homelessness Grows in Shadow of White House

Dying for Affordable Health Care - the Uninsu

Showdown with Russia and China: US Advances F

US military disclosing list of secret prisone

Lebanese man is target of first rendition und

Gov’t programs not helping homeowners, renter

Israel closes case against offending settlers

Cover-Up: A Film's Travesty Of Omissions

Common Sense 2009

Millions face shrinking Social Security payme

Lieberman says many health care changes can w

Is Blackwater Too Big to Fail?

What Rebound? Foreclosures Rise as Jobs and I


US Supreme Court orders new hearing for Georg

Baghdad bombings cast doubt on US troop withd

America's Death Squads Inc.

Global War and Dying Democracy: The Revolutio

Bush pressed for a politically-motivated pre-

C.I.A. Said to Use Blackwater to Put Bombs on

UK Government is Planning Mass Graves in Case

Boycott Israel

The Secrets of China's Economy

American Majority Agrees: Afghan War's No

Blackwater's Unwritten Death Contract

Blackwater: CIA Assassins?

Rove op-ed reveals he had inside information

What Happened to Our Dream of Freedom

US Economic Myths Bite the Dust

Britain is protecting the biggest heroin crop

Winners And Losers In The American Warfare St

Empire, Obama and America's Last Taboo

Americans: Serfs Ruled by Oligarchs

Where Do The Dollars Drain?

Is It Now a Crime to Be Poor?

Katrina Pain Index - 2009

CSL Fiscal Year Profit Jumps 63% Boosted By F

What those guns signify

One in nine Americans uses food stamps

Where are the jobs?

Pimco Says Dollar to Weaken as Reserve Status

The Countdown To The Implosion Of The Dollar


Federal regulators covered up Ponzi scheme at Stanford bank

Stock market gyrations reflect fears of protracted global slump

US income gap widest since 1917

US soldier sentenced to year in prison for refusing to fight in Afghanistan

Thousands attend free health clinic in Los Angeles

At free clinic, scenes from the Third World

Obama pledges intensified war in Afghanistan and Pakistan

White House drops public health care option

Obama's Corporate Health Care Scam

Are We Really Cattle?

Recovering from Neoliberal Disaster

House 'Under Water'? Do Like the Banks Do and Just Walk Away

Barack Obama: Change We Can Deceive In

A Power Equal to a Thousand Words

Robert Novak Was a Liar

Why the Right's Propaganda Works

Health Care as a Civil Right; Obama needs to reframe the debate

Obama Attempts to Weaken Constitutional Protections for LGBT Americans

The Rise and Fall of Artificial Wealth

Chicago Shuts Down to Save Money

Meltdown 101: Foreign Investments in US Debt

Blackwater Still Armed in Iraq

Scalia: nothing unconstitutional about executing the innocent

Public Option Called Essential

Doctors on lookout for Guillain-Barré symptoms in swine flu patients

Swine flu vaccine linked to Guillain-Barré syndrome

Suicide soars among US soldiers

Man carrying assault rifle attends Obama protest

Robert Creamer: "Death Panel" Scare Tactic May Backfire on Republicans

Producer Prices in U.S. Fall More Than Forecast

U.S. group invests tax-free millions in East Jerusalem land

Israeli troops accused of white-flag murders


Bank Failure Friday Costs FDIC Nearly $4 Billion

Stocks Drop Around World on Economy Concern

Another major US bank collapses

Violence sweeps northwest Pakistan in wake of Mehsud assassination

China-India border talks highlight rising tensions

Economic nationalism on the rise in Europe

White House Appears Ready to Drop "Public Option"

Who's Behind the Attacks on a Health Care Overhaul?

Statement by Sergeant Travis Bishop

Afghanistan War Resister Sentenced

Lou Dobbs Tours Single-Payer Systems Abroad and Realizes They're Good

Swine flu link to killer nerve disease

US troops will deploy to Colombia

Who is funding the Afghan Taliban? You don't want to know

The brutal truth about America's healthcare

Obama Says Insurance Companies Holding US Hostage

Axis Nations Repudiate Bans against "Preparing for War"

Income Inequality Is at an All-Time High

The Real Death Panels

Blue Cross of Michigan to raise individual, group rates by 22 percent

Doctors cash in on CIA torture

Factory in the Hands of Workers


US Might Use Colombia's Military Bases

Rethinking US Penal Policy

Is Health Care Reform on Life Support?

Internal Memo Confirms White House Giveaways To Big Pharma

States cut aid to college students as demand booms

Foreclosure Filings in U.S. Climb to Record for Third Time in Five Months

Foreclosures rise 7 percent in July from June

AIG Shuts Branches as Losses Mount

Retail Sales in U.S. Unexpectedly Fall on Concern Over Job Losses, Income

US Marine Corps renews ban on social networking sites

Pentagon: Send more troops or lose war in Afghanistan

Obama's Abu Ghraib solution

Tamiflu leaves '1,000 patients in suffering'

Swine flu may have peaked, experts say

Study: Militancy on the rise in US

State to offer 2 types of licenses for renewals

The Real Grand Chessboard and the Profiteers of War

Continunity Of Administrations Seems On Deck In DC

Troubled Assets Are Ba-ack


Bosnia Is Back on the Brink of Ethnic Conflict, Warns Hague

Another Soldier Refuses Afghanistan Deployment

US corporations squeezing more output from workers & paying less

What is behind the opposition to the Obama healthcare plan?

9/11 Mind Swell: Scientific Evidence Refutes The Official Story

Reflections on "Health Reform" Under "The Unelected Dictatorship of Money"

White House proposal to track government website users stirs fears

Whistleblower: Insurance firms ‘very much’ behind town hall disruptions

Lawyer: Bush torture ‘enablers’ chargeable as conspirators

Bankrolling Blackwater

A Rancid Deal with Big Pharma?

A Scary Reality

Latin Leaders Ask Colombia to Clarify U.S. Accord

Guns OK Outside Obama Town Hall; Kerry Pins Brought Arrest At Bush Rally

Palin's 'Death Panel' and GOP Lying

Washington Post reporter coordinated attorney firing story with White House

White House emails, Bush aide implicate Rove in firing of US Attorneys

Pennsylvania's governor vetoes social spending

Paulson and Goldman Sachs: A dirty secret of the Wall Street bailout

Within Health Care Hides Massive, Avoidable Death Toll

The Tragedy of Our 'Disappeared' Veterans

The Suicide of the United States

US Battling CIA Rendition Case in Three Courts

Governors oppose new DoD emergency powers

Why We Should All Boycott Union Busting Beer Corporations

Youth of Color Resist Military Recruiting

The "death panels" are already here

NATO Builds History's First Global Army


BBC finally admits al qaeda is a fantasy

Bin Laden Worked for US Till 9/11

This Depression Is Just Beginning

Turning the US Army Against Americans

The Expiring Economy

The World Needs A Breather From The US.

Hunger Hits Detroit's Middle Class

Faulty Forecasting

Honduras is Only Part of the Story

Perpetual War for Perpetual War

The Cheney-Like Secrecy of the Obama White House

Economic collapse imminent

US cities criminalize homelessness

Three more US banks collapse

Right-Wing Shock Troops Do Corporate America's Dirty Work

The corporate campaign to kill the Employee Free Choice Act

Income Loss Persists Long After Layoffs

Warehousing Soldiers in the Homeland

‘Mission accomplished’ in Gaza

Haitians drown fleeing U.S.-installed regime

US attorney general 'to probe CIA torture case'

The Hidden Truth Behind Drug Company Profits


Dialogue on the Responsibility to Protect

Nancy Pelosi's summer vacation

Fascist America: Are We There Yet?

Geithner asks Congress for higher U.S. debt limit

US soldier who opposes Afghan war sentenced

Report details immigrant abuse by government authorities

US payrolls fell another quarter-million in July

The Town Hall Mob

Obama-Allied Unions Threatened With Gun Violence For Town Hall Participation

With More Bubbles Waiting to Burst We're Entering the Greatest Depression in History

Panic: Unemployment rate already at 20%!!!

US Army Openly Places Want Ads For Guards For FEMA Camps


The drug lobby demands, and gets, Obama pledge to protect health care profits

Mounting popular opposition to the war in Afghanistan

You Do Not Have Health Insurance

Delphi parts destroys pensions, cuts wages

Israel seeks ways to silence human rights groups

CNN Refusing to Run Health Care Ad Critical of Insurance Industry

Their Martyrs and Our Heroes

Books That Counter Our "Training" To Make War

Fannie Mae asks Treasury for $10.7 billion

Oil price hits $76, highest since October

AIG breakup nets Wall Street $1 billion bonanza: report

The White House Deal with Big Pharma

How We Can Beat Wall Street at Its Own Game

Remember That Whole Thing About Fixing Our Financial System?

About Half of US Mortgages Seen Underwater by 2011

Militarizing the Homeland

US House passes toothless CEO pay law

Obama mortgage plan aids banks, not homeowners

A further step toward a police state: Obama seeks to institutionaliz..e indefinite detention

Making War to Bring 'Peace':

Keeping Track of the Empire's Crimes

GE Muzzles Olbermann about Fox

Obama team quietly mulls new quarantine regulations

Troops may be deployed to Alabama county

Blackwater Founder Implicated in Murder


Legislators for Sale

CIA director issues a warning to Congress

Half of all the fruit and veg you buy is contaminated

Wall Street profits from trades with Fed

Torturing Children: Bush's Legacy and Democracy's Failure

Florida economy hit by housing collapse

Obama touts economic "recovery"

Supreme Court May to Overturn Precedents Protecting Citizens Against Corporate Control

US Now a "Coalition of One" in Iraq

WHO says refusing vaccination labels you a "criminal"

Military-civilian terror prison being considered

Pentagon's 21st Century Counterinsurgency Wars

Bush, Cheney, Told Lawyers To Give Them Criminal Advice

Dangerous Untreated West Bank Wastewater

Red Cross: Israel Traps Gazans in Deprivation and Despair

Poverty draft?

Congress Objects to CIA Lies But Not Torture and Murder?

Corporations Want to Own Your Mind

US banks slammed for bonus shock

How workers fought back in 1877

Four more failed banks brings year's tally to 68

Vaccine for swine flu may be unsafe warns WHO

U.S. to provide $1 billion to hire cops

US job cuts, foreclosures mount

International banks exploit the crisis to reap massive profits..

Bush, Rove Far More Involved in Attorney Firings Than Previously Revealed

How You Finance Goldman Sachs' Profits

Military To Assist Fema In Swine Flu Mass Quarantines

Banks Paid $32.6 Billion in Bonuses Amid U.S. Bailout

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