Friday, March 19, 2010

Antiwar coalition fined by US government

Antiwar coalition fined by US government

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Brian Becker from the ANSWER Coalition has come under pressure by the government for its antiwar campaign.

A US antiwar organization says it has been targeted by the government because it wants US troops to immediately return from Afghanistan and Iraq.

The ANSWER Coalition, which stands for "Act Now to Stop War and End Racism," has been a staunch critic of the Bush and Obama administrations for their role in the Iraqi and Afghan war.

"The government is increasingly trying to limit or eviscerate or criminalize grassroots organizing itself", said Brian Becker from the ANSWER Coalition, Reported Press TV's Colin Campbell.

ANSWER members say they have been hit with $7,500 worth of fines for putting up anti-war posters like "US Out of Afghanistan and Iraq Now!" across Washington DC.

"We put up posters and we hand out leaflets and that is why thousands of people hear the call," said Becker.

The Department of Public Works says it levied the fines on ANSWER demanding that members of the organization "remove all posted signs" around the district.

"Starting 18 months ago, these targeting events began. There is now 70,000…80,000 in fines and it is growing," said Becker.

The ANSWER Coalition has planned a march on the nation's capital over the weekend to protest against the US-led wars overseas.

Tens of thousands of people are expected to attend.

"We will not be leaving Iraq and Afghanistan unless enough people in this country stand up," said Mike Ferner, President of Veterans for Peace.

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Anonymous said...

Silly protesters. Don't you know that only government-approved multinational corporations are allowed to put up signs?