Saturday, April 3, 2010

Israeli spy held in Algeria with false passport

Israeli spy held in Algeria with false passport

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Algerian forces have arrested an Israeli spy with a false Spanish passport amid the international outcry over use of forged passports by Mossad agents in terrorist operations.

Algerian officials say the agent who used the name of Alberto Vagilo was arrested ten days after he arrived in the North African country.

Security sources note that the agent entered south Algeria in mid-March from Barcelona in Spain.

According to the sources, he had passed himself off as a 35-year-old Spanish man.

Earlier, it was reported that an al-Qaeda-linked group had abducted a Spanish citizen only to be denied later by Algerian and Spanish authorities. That person turned out to be the alleged spy.

The new arrest was made not long after Israeli agents assassinated a high-ranking Hamas official in Dubai.

Last week, Britain expelled a senior Israeli diplomat amid a diplomatic row with Tel Aviv over the use of UK passports to plot the assassination.

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