Saturday, November 27, 2010

TSA worker allegedly abducts, assaults woman

TSA worker allegedly abducts, assaults woman

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This isn't going to help the view of those TSA pat-downs, as one ABC producer put it, 'worse than the gynecologist,' at all.

A Georgia TSA (Transportation Security Administration) behavior detection officer was left in critical condition when he attempted suicide Tuesday evening after allegedly abducting, and sexually assaulting a woman, then giving her a suicide note to deliver.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that law enforcement is investigating the claim that Randall Scott King, 49, "kidnapped the woman from the Lakewood station Wednesday night." King accompanied her there from the Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport "where she left with him voluntarily."

Then after allegedly restraining the woman in a parking lot, she was driven to King's home where the sexual assault is said to have taken place.

The woman said that she was then released and given a suicide note, with instructions for delivery. When a relative took the woman to the Police Department, she was still wearing the "leopard print, novelty handcuffs."

Authorities found Mr. King at his home with multiple wounds, and he was air-lifted to an area hospital. He has been an employee of the TSA for five years.

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