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Averting American Famine

Averting American Famine

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Although my religion is fearless Love, my mind is consumed with deep concern for the future of my daughter, and all children everywhere. We must radically change society to avert large scale famine, far more severe than the hunger of the Great Depression.

Notwithstanding growing wars, nuclear radiation, global warming, rainforest decimation, collapsing fishing stocks, and other threats to our home, another issue hits me hardest. I cannot sleep at night knowing the entire American economy and agricultural system are completely dependent on cheap oil, including unstable Middle East oil dictatorships.

I know many people believe wealthy politicians and wealthy media figures when they tell them that we can solve our oil problem by drilling more at home. This is a lie. America consumes over 20 million barrels of oil per day, or 840 million gallons per day. America reached peak oil around 1970 and has increasingly imported from other countries, including brutal dictatorships.

The oil reserves America has are a tiny drop of supply compared to the ocean of demand. For example, if America used only the oil from the protected Alaska National Wildlife Refuge, it would last only six months. The same goes for offshore drilling, and we saw how the spill destroyed Gulf Coast fishing jobs and the coastal economy.

As we stand, America is among the poorest nations on the planet because our economy and agricultural system are the most dependent on cheap oil. We must rapidly awaken to reality to avoid mass starvation. Please listen to me.

The most important aspect of a society in terms of true wealth and survival is its ability to feed itself sustainably. Our current food system is extremely fragile and unsustainable because it is based on mass industrial production with millions of gallons of fuel and petrochemicals derived from cheap oil.

The most respected authority for estimating world oil reserves is the International Energy Agency, and they have reported we would reach peak oil in 2030. However, whistleblowers from the IEA have said we already reached it, and American leaders had pressured them to distort the figures.

The problem with peak oil is that it is the point when we have depleted half of the world's nonrenewable petroleum. After we reach that peak and the supply begins declining by even a few percent, the massive demand will make prices skyrocket far past $5 per gallon.

At that point, the entire unsustainable economy and agriculture system collapse. Unemployment will consequently surge to where a massive proportion of people will be jobless and hungry.

The only way to put tens or hundreds of millions of people back to work will be in a complete overhaul of communities around smaller, localized farms that do not rely on cheap oil. I predict at least half of all Americans will be farmers in the next ten to twenty years.

Rational thought mind says all is lost, and leads to conclusions of extreme fear. A rational heart mind, scientifically demonstrated by neurocardiologists at, says we must not shrink in fear, but courageously accept our current state and immediately change course in order to save our beloved home for our children.

However, we must not wait and completely rely on faith. We must actively engage in activism and enlighten our fellow brothers and sisters to these facts and solutions. Ignorance and arrogance is the true enemy of all. The time is now to act if we wish to avoid the most severe ramifications of large scale famine.

Solutions include shifting to the most powerful and plentiful sustainable energy source, our divine father sun. Our leaders need to be treating this issue as a national emergency, and investing massive economic, technological and human resources toward this instead of oil wars.

Locally, leaders need to begin consciously thinking about community development and redevelopment without cheap oil. They must disincentivize the ongoing destruction of urban arable soils and water resources with intelligent tax and zoning laws.

We must also begin building and supporting a shift back to small, local farms. This nation was born as a nation of small farmers, and to this we must return.

This letter is a prayer for the American people and all beings living on Mother Earth. Regardless of whether you believe in Adam and Eve or evolution, both stories say we are one interconnected global human family. Now is the time to begin loving all.

Once upon a time, Christ laid down the most divine Law of Love, but only de jure. Now is the moment for this fundamental law to become the de facto modus operandi. All human laws must become derivatives of this very simple law. Not only must we love all our brothers and sisters everywhere, but now is the time to expand the understanding of this law to include loving nature, the basis of true wealth, a sustainable economy and food system.

If we fully implemented Christ's Law of Love as mentioned, world peace would manifest and heaven on Earth will dawn.

I write this because I sincerely love all people and our whole planet and want a cessation of suffering. I am also acutely concerned that my daughter and everyone else's children have a future of life, not hunger and death.

Please join me in filling your heart with love, and using every resource and creative talent at your disposal to avert American famine. We can do this, I know.

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