Saturday, April 23, 2011

Scott Walker Reveals His Inner Orwell in Congressional DC Testimonyh

Scott Walker Reveals His Inner Orwell in DC Congressional Testimony

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Calling much of contemporary political rhetoric coming from the right "Orwellian" has become a cliche, but that's only because it is so true.

Take the recent "shock doctrine" tactics of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who bullied through legislation denying collective bargaining to unions almost exclusively on the claim that it was vital to reducing a future state budget deficit.

The House Republicans thought that this made Walker a hero and invited him to testify before a GOP-controlled committee on April 14. But what Walker must have thought would be a hero's welcome turned out to be a grilling that unmasked his deceit.

After claiming that he was accomplishing something "truly progressive," Dennis Kucinich got Walker to admit that his union-busting legislation would not save the State of Wisconsin any money at all.

According to the Madison CapTimes:

When Walker failed to address how repealing collective bargaining rights for state workers is related to state debt or how requiring unions to recertify annually saves money - one of the provisions in Walker's amended budget repair bill - Kucinich tried one more time.

"How much money does it save Gov. Walker?" Kucinich demanded. "Just answer the question."

"It doesn't save any," Walker said.

Furthermore, as BuzzFlash documented in an earlier commentary, Walker confirmed that despite his claim of a voter mandate to repeal collective bargaining for public employees, he had never once mentioned the plan when he campaigned for governor, not once.

If you define Orwellian as language uttered that is the opposite of reality, then Walker is a master Orwellian politician.

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