Sunday, May 8, 2011

Scott Walker and Rick Snyder Create "Daddy State" Governments

Scott Walker and Rick Snyder Create "Daddy State" Governments. It Doesn't Matter How You Vote, "Daddy" Decides.

Scott Walker and his fellow Republicans, such as Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder, are implementing antidemocracy "Daddy States."

What happens in a "Daddy State"?

The first rule is that your vote is taken away and "Daddy" decides for you. This applies if you have personally voted, with the majority, a policy into law via the referendum process. It also means that "Daddy" governors, such as Walker, can take away the rights of municipalities to decide regulations that govern their employees.

In Wisconsin, Walker is likely to sign a law that would nullify a 2008 City of Milwaukee referendum mandating paid sick leave for workers. It passed by a margin of 69-31 percent, a landslide by any standard.

"Who are we as a legislative body to question 69 percent of the voters of the City of Milwaukee?" asked Milwaukee Democratic Assemblymember Chris Sinicki.

The Superior Telegram newspaper notes that the law "would also ban similar ordinances from being passed elsewhere in Wisconsin."

So, in Walker's or Snyder's "Daddy State," your vote doesn't count in terms of local and community rule.

"Daddy" decides what's best for you, even if Daddy doesn't know best.

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