Saturday, January 7, 2012

As a Veteran, Why I am so angered by the NDAA

As a Veteran, Why I am so angered by the NDAA

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I joined the Marine Corps directly out of high school. It was all I wanted to do for years as a kid. Go serve. I was one of those types that sought out a recruiter, not the other way around.

Now the NDAA and its provisions for indefinite detainment are stripping away everything I felt I was defending. And that's not the only culprit. SOPA, PIPA, EEA, and the Patriot Act seek to chip away at and remove our original Bill of Rights, perhaps one of our most revered foundations as a nation.

Our government has been gridlocked for three years now, unable to produce any legislation without bringing in a three ring circus of politics before the world on major news networks. But now, now they can find unity in stripping away our civil liberties and ignoring their oaths to the Constitution.

Do not be misled by intentionally distracting rhetoric from the mainstream media, or politicians. Senator Lindsey Graham has said, "If you’re an American citizen and you betray your country, you’re not going to be given a lawyer" in a clear interpretation of what the detainment clauses mean.

President Obama signed this into law on New Years Eve in Hawaii while everyone was busy celebrating the New Year; while no one was watching. Even in his signing statement he and his administration interpret the law to give him the authority to detain whomever he wants, but merely promises his administration won't do so. Just like he promised to close Gitmo and make the government more transparent.

I am one of the Few, the Proud. I am a United States Marine. I will stand always beside my Brothers and Sisters of the Corps, but I will not stand under the rule of tyranny. Now is the time to stand, resist, speak out, and be heard against this authoritarian rule.

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