Saturday, May 19, 2012

Teens Jailed After Video Recording Police Investigation From Balcony

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Two Mississippi teenagers were arrested after video recording a police investigation from their balcony Tuesday.

Pearl Police, who charged up the stairs to arrest the teens and burst through their apartment door without a warrant after a shooting took place in the parking lot below, charged the teens with disorderly conduct.

Terrell Madison and his twin sister Shanell were jailed for several hours before they were released.

Police returned their phone but kept their SIM card, which is unlawful to do without a subpoena.

According to WLBT:

The Colony Park Apartment resident said she and her twin brother Terrell were on their apartment balcony when Tuesday's tragic police shooting unfolded.

But she said minutes later they were being manhandled by officers after they saw her brother recording the scene with his cell phone.

"The police came up here after they took his phone. They slammed him down and arrested him, and I'm like 'Why are y'all arresting him', and then they grabbed me and slammed me also and arrested me," said Shanell Madison.

She said they didn't know why they were targeted in their own home.

"Basically it's retaliation," said Shanell's mother.

Karen Madison was on the phone with her daughter when she said she heard the officers burst through her apartment door and begin cursing her children.

UPDATE: Please sign petition to insist that President Obama take a stand against these abuses that occur on an almost daily basis.

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